A Super Simple System Enabling You to AMPLIFY Your Health and CONNECTION to Source in a Group Setting with CLEAR INTENTION

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In Just 5-Days: Implement The ReCHARGE Formula that Restores your Energy Field & Raises your Vibration  

Reset Eating Habits That Sabotage Your Success And Finally Turn Your Energy & Gifts Into Manifesting A Personal And Collective Vision Of An ABUNDANT FUTURE 



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Want to Know Why 90% of Coaches, Healers, or Private Practise Therapists Aren't Making The Impact Their Heart Desires? 

Here's the truth:


The real reason so many life coaches, health coaches, business coaches or healers never make a lasting change is because they never give their body a break from consuming foods that lower their vibration and deplete their energy so they have the proper fuel to clear their mind and build a business grounded in high quality nutrition.

Does this sound like you?

Over the last 15 years I've met HUNDREDS of talented coaches and healers who've spent years honing their craft (often earning MULTIPILE qualifiations) and have TRANSFORMED the few clients they've worked with.


They're brilliant coaches... But their success stops there.


  • They never figure out how to show up at as their best day in day out

  • They never earn enough to quit their day job and focus on giving their gifts full time.

  • They never focus on what is really required to stay in a high vibrational energetic state.

  • They never feed their body high quality nutrition consistently enough to produce lasting change.


What You Won't Hear from Mainstream Marketers or Business Coaches 

When I work with coaches and healers who actually GIVE A SHIT and want to make a difference, I quickly see that they are focusing on all the WRONG THINGS like:


Reading self help books

Trying out different meditations

Focusing on inner child work

Getting certifiction after certification

Social media followers

Building an email list

Following youtube gurus 

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All to avoid focusing on what really matters: Their Health.

None of the above is wrong, or bad, it's just not even close to what's nessecary follow through consistently and give the very best of their gifts.

Unfortunately there's just too much out there saying you have to do this things to make it, which inevitably leaves coaches and healers feeling LOST, BURNED OUT, and wasting a lot of TIME and ENERGY.


The GOOD News Is...There's Another Way.


Growing a Profitable Coaching and Healing Practise Can Be SIMPLE if You Take Care of The FOUNDATION.  

I've had the pleasure of helping coaches and healers just like you regain their clarity, enhance their sleep & focus, and upgrade their health & energy so they shine brighter, vibrate higher, and make a real difference in the world. 

Tasty Smoothie



Daily zoom calls where we will consciously raise the collective vibration
Each day we’ll jump on a 45 minute call where we will co-create a brighter future by connecting to the quantum field of consciousness through guided meditation.


Daily breathwork, earthing, & somatic exercises to open a clear body channel
Activate your energy centres {chakras} and pull energy through your prana tube {a chord of light running up your spinal cord}, reduce inflammation, and release stagnant energy.


Carefully crafted great tasting recipes that keep you satisfied all-day
Mouthwatering smoothie cocktails that fill you up for hours so you never go hungry and have an abundance energy no matter how busy or active you are.


Powerful alchemy of synergistic ingredients that nourish your mind, body & soul

Nutrient-dense natural foods that give you all the macro and micronutrients you need to fuel your day with a clear and concise mind.


Next level gut health to boost your microflora and improve digestion

Dairy-free -superpower- yoghurts bursting with friendly bacteria and easy to digest ingredients that are much more effective, healthier, and easier to make than kombucha.


Simple step by step instructions so you don’t have to think about a thing

A carefully laid out and easy to follow plan-making everything super easy and smooth, making sure you stay on track.


Easy to follow video tutorials showing you how to make delicious blends
Short and simple videos revealing how to make great tasting smoothies in double-quick time thanks to over 15 years of experience.


Support group of like-minded energy-conscious individuals
Family of health-savvy healers, coaches and switched on alchemists of love to share, engage & connect with.




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I have a very active lifestyle between cycling, jogging and lifting weights. Doing the smoothies was the first time working out that I had the energy to sustain energy throughout my workout and throughout the day. To do this was a no brainer. I was very happy with my personal results. If you’re thinking about it, don’t think, just do it. 

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It was a really really good experience, more than I expected. The combination of nutrients and antioxidants made it possible for my body to detox. Overall it was an incredible experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants to make a change in their life to start by doing this.

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My skin significantly improved, my energy levels improved, I had a lot of mental clarity and focus helping me engage in my busy day to day life. I got really quality sleep, my toilet visits were more regular, I was flying high and really enjoyed the feast. It’s been a life-changing adventure, I recommend it to everyone. 



Initially I thought I would be hungry but I wasn’t. The instructions were straightforward and the group was brilliant. The community vibes with everyone checking in and posting pictures and sharing their experiences and being able to chat at the end of the day really makes you feel like it was a group effort which made me want to continue. I found it really easy which was surprising. All I can think of are good things. I would definitely do this again




I’m so thankful and grateful to have experienced the smoothie journey with Drew. Because of his support, care, love, and generosity for sharing so much knowledge, I got more than I asked for. I found that my energy levels elevated, I definitely started to sleep much better and my mental focus improved significantly. I was able to wake up in the morning feeling fresh, energetic, and super clear and focused to get on with my day.


On this adventure which has been really beautiful I want to say thank you, truly thank you. I’m really appreciative to Drew for bringing us all together and providing a tribe we could do this with. It’s been a pleasure. I’ve felt energized, I’ve not felt tired at any point in time. It’s really easy, it’s tasty. Thank you, it’s been so fun.



I was amazed at how fast the results came in. After day one I fell asleep so easily which is rare for me. I slept really well and woke up feeling really refreshed and this has continued. I can focus better and I have more clarity. My body feels a lot lighter, my skin feels great, smoother and more hydrated. I’m a lot less bloated and this is the flattest my stomach has been since getting pregnant over 2 - years ago. 



The smoothie feast was a really great experience. We made some amazing delicious smoothies and created a new habit. I’m really happy with how it went. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family and it was a nice way to connect with new people and share our experiences. 



Stronger connection to the quantum field
(Consciousness / Source) allowing you to call in and magnetise a life and collective future you are aligned with.

Higher vibrational energy light field
Surrounding the body so you show up as your brightest self no matter what life throws at you.

Enhanced immunity

Protecting you against viruses, bacteria and pathogens so you can replace draining negative energies with wellness, prosperity and abundance. 

Restorative deep sleep

That will repair and regenerate every cell in your body so you achieve focus and clarity allowing you to connect to the Universe with a clear mind.

Improved digestion and nutrient absorption

So your body can easily break down the micro/macronutrients and turn them into healthy hair, skin, bones, muscles and organs.

Proliferation and growth of microflora

Which will build an army of friendly bacteria that will protect you from viruses and parasites while creating intestinal and psychological harmony.

Sustained flowing energy

That lasts all day, ensuring you maximise your nutritional needs and supercharge your energy, creativity and physical performance.

Flatter stomach, less boating, vibrant skin, bright eyes

Ensuring you look and feel younger than you have for years.




By feeding each cell with enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense, supercharged high vibrational fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds, your entire body, mind & soul will respond in such as favourable way that every other area of your life will transform.

By giving your body a break from processed dead foods, you
stop feeding the fire and finally allow your body to cleanse, heal, & regenerate.





If you wish to see the change in the world, know that it begins with you and that it starts with what you feed your body, mind & soul. 


When you raise your vibration to a higher frequency you magnetically attract people, circumstances and opportunities that also vibrate at that same high frequency.


When groups of people raise their vibration collectively and with intention, the entire planet and Universe resonates. It's time to tap in and connect.    






Frequently asked questions

I’m super busy, will I have enough time to make the smoothies?

Absolutely. The great thing about smoothies is they are convenient and super quick to make.

I workout alot and have a very active lifestyle. Will I get all the calories and nutrients I need for energy and recovery?

The great thing about these recipes is they’ve been specifically designed to ensure you get all the macro and micro nutrients you need to fuel your day and ensure you recover from even the most active of lifestyles.

Will I get hungry on this plan?

No. These smoothies have been formulated with over 17 years of experience to ensure you never get hungry and have all the energy you need curb cravings.

Do I have to follow the plan to a T?

While this smoothie system has been designed to ensure you meet all your caloric and nutrient needs, if you don’t feel like you want to consume as much or you want more, you can always leave out or add a smoothie.

I’m a stay at home Mom, will I have the energy needed to keep up with my kids?

You’ll have more than enough energy. In fact, because these smoothies are quick and easy to make while being extremely filling and energizing, you’ll find that your kids might not keep up with you!

I commute to work, is this doable?

100%. I’ve coached many people through smoothie feasts who travel into work and spend the day in an office. Prepare 2-3 smoothies in the morning (or night before) and keep them in an airtight container such as a glass jar or a thermos.

I only have a standard blender or nutribullet - Can I still do Recharge?

Definitely. While a powerful blender is best you can still use a traditional or smaller blender like a nutribullet. You’ll just need to chop the fruit up a little more, blend for a little longer, or make the smoothies in a couple of batches. It takes less than 5 minutes to double up.

Can I make a day's worth of smoothies in one go?

Although making and consuming them fresh is always best, you can certainly make them all in advance. Just be sure to keep them in an airtight container, preferably a mason or kilner jar with a screw top.

If I miss a call does it matter?

Not at all. You will have access to the recordings and to the exclusive videos provided for you on the Podia platform.

Will I experience detox symptoms?

This depends on your level of toxicity at the start of the feast. You may experience some mild symptoms which will leave after day 2 or 3. If you feel nauseous, drink some water and allow your body to rest.

What if I don’t get a good night's sleep, will the smoothies help me get through my day?

When it comes to food, you want a high net-gain of energy from whatever you consume. Fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds provide more energy than they require to digest meaning you get more bang for your buck. If you do feel sleepy in the day, and if it’s possible, let your body get some rest. These foods will actually allow your body to recover more efficiently. A good early night will be tremendously healing during this feast.

I have a nut allergy. Are there alternatives?

You can mix and match any ingredients as you wish. Nuts and seeds are included to provide you with essential fatty acids and protein which ensure you have sustained energy and stay full. Also, because the nuts and seeds need to be soaked overnight you will find they are far more digestible due to the phytic acid (digestive inhibitor) being rinsed off. If you are still concerned then great alternatives are bananas, coconut, and dates.

I don’t like the taste of dates, is there an alternative sweetener?

If the dates are pitted (seed taken out) and dried they tend to be less palatable. It’s recommended that you buy dates with the seeds still in them. These dates are super juicy and taste delicious, like sticky toffee. Dates like this include medjool dates and those found at international ethnic stores. You can also supplement with agave nectar or maple syrup but you will have less calories if you opt for this.

What do I do if I’m hungry or have food cravings?

If you’re hungry you can always make more smoothies. If cravings come up, quickly whip up a smoothie and the physical craving will disappear in a jiffy.

Why do I need to drink water if I’m drinking smoothies all day?

Although fresh fruits and veggies are rich in natural water, some fruits such as bananas, dates, and nuts, seeds, & coconuts have much less water. Because many of the recipes include these ingredients you will need to drink plenty of water to ensure you remain hydrated and flush your system.

I feel tired and have a headache. What can I do?

Drink water. You’re likely dehydrated. Alkalise the water with a squeeze of lemon and remineralise it with a pinch of mountain or sea salt. Never use table salt! Also, try to drink qualily water. Tap water (unfiltered) is not recommended.